Scancom offers a total range of intelligent connectivity with real-time management tools and support, thereby giving out clients a simply awesome experience and simple no nonsense platform to manage their connectivity. We have spent the last 17 years in airtime. Our experience and business ethics means our customers get unbiased pricing, transparency and benefit from years of customer service experience. We have people, based in the UK, available on the phone, email or any other way your prefer to get in touch with us.


The company continues to expand its airtime, product line and services to meet emerging customer needs.


Scancom follows ISO9001 as the core for all process and interactions. As such our constantly evolving process allows the quality of service and back up delivered to our clients to become more refined over time

EE Certified Compliant

Scancom has been certified as an EE Strategic Partner. In order to achieve this status within EE we have been audited by EE and as a result certified compliant in the following areas :-

  • Adherence to EE compliance guidelines
  • Adherence to network proofing
  • Contract completion
  • GC23 information provided at point of sale
  • GC23 sales incentives
  • DPA storage and control of sensitive information
  • Access to EE systems
  • Adherence to PCIDSS regulation
  • Customer experience
  • Staff training
  • Security incidence reporting

ICO Registered & Compliant

Scancom is registered with UK ICO.