MIron Bronze (50 lic) £100.00 Per Month

MIron Bronze (50 lic) £100.00 Per Month

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Tariff Details
Tariff - £100.00 Per Month
Duration - 12 months
Network - EE Small Business

Other Details
MIron Bronze (50 lic) 12 months EE Small Business

Available to connect from: 04/12/2018

Prices & Rates
Monthly Plan: £ 100.00
Duration: 12 months
Tariff Cycle: Per Month
RPI: The monthly price will be increased every year from March by an amount equal to the increase in the Retail Price Index. Annual price increase based on the full price of plan. See http://bit.ly/2Is6Zgr for details

Data Allowance (UK): 20.00 GB
Data Cost: £5.00 per GB