If you want a dedicated internet access service beyond business broadband, with guaranteed upload and download speeds, take a look at a BTnet Leased Line. It’s like having your very own pipe, capable of carrying enormous amounts of data.

As you don’t share the bandwidth with anyone else, you get complete control over it: flex your bandwidth in line with seasonal demands and only pay for what you need.

With symmetric speed choices ranging from 2Mbps to 30Mbps (Ethernet First Mile - EFM), 35Mbps (Generic Ethernet Access – GEA), and 10Gbps (Ethernet fibre), plus resilience options, a leased line is ideal for businesses where internet access is critical.

And ultra-low latency makes it the natural choice for financial trading applications and top-quality video conferencing.

The Danger Of Cheaper Alternatives

Your business lives on the internet - Please do not compromise on levels of Risk and Service

Local Providers

Most companies state they use local providers! Does this mean they are trying to source the cheapest? 

What happens to your SLA in the event of an issue? Where do you report it to ?

Possibility your call will be a ping pong ball between different departments?

Is there a SLA breach compensation scheme?

See the BT SLA document for comparison

The Router

Does the SLA cover your router?

We have seen many providers using Cisco routers that are end of life!

Is this how they drive the price down? What is the cost to your business if the router cant be supported or fixed?

Business users need a rock solid connection backed up by SLA's / Performance / Secuirty and Support

We find in most cases people shop around, then come back to BTnet via Scancom in view of all the above

Watch the video to find out why a leased line is the ultimate internet connection.

Our BTnet  Ethernet First Mile/Generic Ethernet Access Leased Line Service Level Agreement guarantees -

  • 99.95% service availability
  • Up to 20% Circuit Delivery refund on one-year standard connection charge
  • Latency SLA - less than 20ms (measured from core UK node to core UK node)

Our BTnet Ethernet Fibre Leased Line Service Level agreement guarantees -

  • 100% service availability
  • Up to 100% Circuit Delivery refund on one-year standard connection charge
  • Latency - less than 20ms (measured from core UK node to core UK node)

Download our Service Level Agreement (68 KB) for full details

The bandwidth depends on which Leased Line you opt for -

Ethernet First Mile Access BTnet Leased Line
2Mbps to 30 Mbps

Generic Ethernet Access BTnet Leased Line
2Mbps to 35 Mbps

Ethernet Fibre BTnet Leased Line
2Mbps to 10Gbps

You can flex bandwidth within the capacity of your bearer circuit (this is the maximum bandwidth that you’ll ever need that we agree when you buy your leased line) with only 72 hours notice.

Your rental charge will change on a pro rata basis for the period of flex, so you can pay less in quieter periods.

Unlimited usage

There is no fair usage policy; you can use as much data as you like - no limit.

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