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Number Transfer By PAC Code

A Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) allows you to take your old number with you when you change service providers. You'll be asked for your PAC when you want to transfer your number either to us from your old provider or from us to a new provider.

Auto Switching only applies for requests up to 24 x connections. Any request for a PAC code over 24 x connections should be treated as a bulk port request and dealt with under BAU process.

How many subscriptions can use the new switching process?
The regulation covers requests from 1 - 24 connections. Anything above this cannot use the new auto switch process, and should be dealt with as a bulk request as today.

How do I tell the difference between a PAC code and a STAC code?
A PAC code will always be three letters followed by six digits e.g. ORG123456, and a STAC code will always be six digits followed by three letters e.g. 123456ORG.