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EE Corporate Roaming



Zone                         A                     B
Countries covered                       USA Canada South Africa Australia New Zealand China Hong Kong Turkey                      Japan Korea South Malaysia Singapore Thailand Egypt Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Andorra Israel Taiwan Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Bahamas Barbados Brazil British Virgin Islands Caicos Islands Cayman Islands Dominica Grenada Haiti India Indonesia Jamaica Mexico Philippines Russia Saint Kitts And Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent And Grenadines Trinidad And Tobago Turks And Caicos Islands
Voice                        Unlimited                     Unlimited
Text                       Unlimited                     Unlimited
Data                       500MB                     500MB
Cost                        £4 / DAY                     £7 / DAY
Out of bundle                       20p/MB Out Of Bundle                     £1/MB Out Of Bundle


  • All roaming allowances are additional, leaving your UK allowance untouched
  • Protected from bill shock on all voice usage, and data usage up to 1GB/day
  • All voice usage is included, no extra charges for calls between zones


Who can have this Product?
A Corporate Daily Roamer will be available on any Your Plan shared or single tariffs to all new and existing customers at re-sign (in line with upgrade eligibility rules).

Q Is it available on all products?
A No, Only available on Your Plan and not compatible with any other tariffs.

Q Can we tariff change existing customers?
A Existing customers can only move to this tariff at point of re-sign (in line with upgrade eligibility rules).

Q Is this product “EU” Compliant?
A Corporate daily roamer is compliant (i.e. regulated service plans) and will allow the customer to benefit from Roam Like At Home. This will mean their EU usage (voice, sms and data) will decrement their UK allowance at no additional cost

Q Is there a fair usage policy for the EU and the unlimited voice and SMS?
A The Roam Like Home fair usage police states that a user must have stable links with the UK. We will consider you have a stable link to the UK if you spend at least half of your time during any 4 month period within the UK. If your usage abroad in the EU exceeds this, you will be alerted by text, and after a 2-week period we may charge you for services you use. Fair Usage on unlimited voice and SMS is set out in the price guide.

Q How will the daily free be triggered?
A The daily fee will be triggered by either voice, data or sms. There is a buffer of 1 SMS, 30 seconds of voice or15KB of data before triggering the daily charge.

Q How does looping work?
A The looping functionality is exclusive to data use as Voice and SMS is unlimited. As the customer has a 500MB allowance, if they were to use 501MB instead of being charged a per/MB rate they would be charged another £4/£7 depending on where they are. The bundle only loops once, therefore any usage of 1GB will be charged at the respective OOB rate.

Q What does unlimited voice and sms mean in respect to Zone A and Zone B
A When we say unlimited calls we mean unlimited calls, all call types will be included in this bundle, meaning a customer will face no OOB rates for any voice calls, a real selling point to get across.

Q What is the per Mb rate of using data in any country outside Zone A and Zone B?
A Any country which is outside of the zone’s mentioned is charged at £3/Mb.

Q What is the voice and text rate in any country outside Zone A and Zone B?
A We have decided to simplify our call charges for ROW usage, with a flat fee of £1.50/min no matter the call type and £1/SMS.

Q What happens when the customer uses more than their daily data allowance?
A After looping once (explained in previous question) OOB rates will apply. In Zone A this is 20p/MB in Zone B this is £1/MB.

Q Will the customer be automatically opted out of the regulatory data caps if CDR is provisioned?
A Yes, the customer needs to take no further action, they are automatically opted out.

Q What alerts will the customer receive informing of them of how much data they have consumed?
A Having automatically opted out of the regulatory caps, much like our standard alerts the customer will receive alerts at the following usage levels 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 1,000 and 2,000Mb per month. We are looking to review this 
shortly to change these to daily alerts.

Q Are there are any usage or monetary caps included in Corporate Daily Roamer
A There are currently no caps for corporate daily roamer. We have built the tariff in such a way that a customer will be protected from bill shock as long as they use less than 1GB/Day, equating to 30GB a month.


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