300MB. Call Us

300MB. Call Us

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  • Data: 300MB
  • Vendor:EE Small Business
  • SKU: SK24230

Tariff Details
Data Speed - 4G / 3G
Data - 300MB
Minutes - Not enabled
Texts - Not enabled
Network - EE Small Business

Other Details
300MB. Call Us 4G / 3G EE Small Business

Available to connect from: 30/03/2016

Data Speed: 4G / 3G
Data: 300MB
Minutes: Not enabled
Text: Not enabled
Network: EE Small Business
RPI: The monthly price will be increased every year from March by an amount equal to the increase in the Retail Price Index. Annual price increase based on the full price of plan. See http://bit.ly/2Is6Zgr for details

APN: Public
Data: 300MB
Data Speed: 4G / 3G
Download Speed (MBPS): 60
Data Allowance (UK): 0.29 GB
Data Capping: Yes

Minutes: Not enabled
Minutes across business zones: 0
Minutes International Dial UK to EU: 0
Texts International UK to EU: 0
Minutes to 084 & 087 Numbers (UK): 0
Text: Not enabled

Roaming EU: No
Roaming Rest Of World: No

Other Items
The following bars will be placed on this tariff

+ YNOPASPUR - prevents Pass purchase
+ C2ACCBAR - prevents 3rd Party purchases
+ Bar Buy Data When Roaming
+ Bar Roaming abroad (Voice Calls)
+ Bar Call Anywhere in the World (IDD) plus Premium Rate Numbers

Detailed information
Rate: Out Of Bundle: http://bit.ly/2u06Xcf

What happens at the end of my contract term?: It will revert to the original price (discuss with Scancom options available nearer the time)

Prices are quoted EX Vat
Scancom's T&C apply
Certain network options wil be barred subject to customer reqirements
Any network speeds qoted are under optimal conditions