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EE Unlocking EE BlackBerry 9 Series Handsets (Not 9700) S83382
The process for unlocking once the customer has received the code from the network

Please use this procedure for Device Models starting with 9 (e.g. 9900 or 9800) & Z10 & Q10 Series but NOT the 9700
Please make sure your Blackberry is up to date with the latest software. This can be checked by connecting your device to you PC/Laptop/Mac using Blackberry Desktop Manager.
Important Note: Please only attempt to enter the procedure ONCE.  Should you encounter any problems please contact your customer services team with the below details of the problem.
In case of error please first check the IMEI direct from the device by pressing *#06# into the device home screen. Email us the IMEI from the device and the error you are expriencing.
•    If this procedure asks you to have your CURRENT SIM card inserted then keep your current Orange, T-Mobile or EE SIM card inserted depending on which operator you are with. 
•    If this procedure asks you to have your NEW or DIFFERENT networks SIM card inserted then please make sure that it is NOT the SIM you are using on our network currently. Any other network SIM card should work fine. For example if you are currently on Orange, you can insert a T-Mobile, O2, Vodaphone or 3 SIM into the device to follow the procedure. 
•    Insert you NEW Networks active sim card (e.g. Vodaphone/O2).
•    Power on the Blackberry device.
•    When prompted, enter your unlock code.

Your handset should now be successfully unlocked.

Warning: If the unlock code is not entered correctly in the number of attempts given the handheld will be unusable and can’t be repaired.

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