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EE Unlocking EE Apple Handsets S83381
The process for unlocking once the customer has received the code from the network

Before trying to unlock an Apple device, please take a moment to read the following information:
·         please make sure that your iPhone or iPad has the latest software. This can be checked by connecting your device to iTunes via a PC, Mac or laptop
·         please be aware that if you've 'jailbroken' your Apple device, EE cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur. This procedure may damage the device
Start the process to unlock your iPhone / iPad
Once you've requested your iPhone / iPad to be unlocked by EE you'll be notified by SMS or email this has been successfully completed.
If you have a SIM card from a different network than EE, Orange or T-Mobile and EE have confirmed that your iPhone / iPad is unlocked, follow these steps:
1.    Remove your SIM card and insert the new SIM card.
2.    Complete the setup process.
If you don't have another SIM card you can use, follow these steps to complete the process:
1.    Back up your iPhone.
2.    Erase your iPhone.
3.    Complete the setup assistant and restore your backup.
If you have any issues or see the following message in iTunes or on your device:
"The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported carrier store."

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