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Scancom Fixed IP Connectivity


The UK mobile networks provide dynamic private IP address provisioning to all 3G/4G sims which in most cases are perfectly adequate for home and general business use. Your 3G/4G Mobile Broadband internet connection is routed through a NAT firewall in your network providers data center, which adds security but also restricts the ability to connect to your Mobile Broadband device from the Internet.


Your provider will not be able to cater for any port forwarding requirements you may have, so an end-to-end connection to your device will not be possible even if your device is a 3G/4G router. This limitation also prevents site-to-site cellular connections from being established for VPN applications.


Scancom can supply fixed IP SIM cards with a public or private IP address provisioning where your application requires it.


Our Fixed IP SIMs will work by providing a static public or private IP address to enable simple and reliable remote access to your connected devices.


All of our Fixed IP SIM cards are available on a 24 month contract and the option to provision a public or private fixed IP address, which means you can connect to it directly over the internet without first having to create a VPN making them easy to use and provide access from anywhere on the Internet or the option to connect via a VPN for that added security and resilience.


Our Fixed IP service is the perfect secure solution for your remote management and communication needs such as:


  • Access to IP CCTV cameras
  • Vending machines
  • Asset management
  • Tracking devices
  • Mobile EPOS
  • Smart meters
  • Fleet management
  • Digital media & advertising
  • Site to site 4G connections
  • Secure remote management
  • Wind turbines


For further information please contact one of our data specialists on 01162 200 200

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