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2015.11.24 EE Legacy Price Guide for Business S83356

This Legacy Price Guide is a reference guide for all EE business customers and Orange small business customers, detailing Service Plans and Service Plan Add-Ons which are no longer available to new business customers.

Please note: from 01 July 2015 calls to numbers starting 116, 0800 and 0808 will be free to our small business customers and will not be deducted from the customer’s inclusive allowances under a plan.

Customers calling numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118 from mobile services will be charged EE’s Access Charge of 37p/minute (excl. VAT) plus the applicable Service Charge of the provider they are calling (

The pricing information provided in the customer’s plan terms and conditions, or set out in the Legacy Price Guide for Business, about these number ranges may no longer apply if the guide is published before 1 July 2015 and will be replaced by this charging structure as set out in the EE Price Guide for Small Business, the Orange Price Guide for Business and the Non-Standard Price Guide for EE Small Business.

For calls to Customer Services on 0845 412 5150, there will be an EE Access Charge of 37p / minute plus a service charge of 6p / minute (when calling from a landline you will be charged this service charge plus the applicable access charge).


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