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EE Small User Bill Analyser Service

Free online analysis tool to help you manage your business mobile account

All the information you need, presented just the way you need it.


We understand your business needs clear billing that’s easy to reference – so you can check usage, record costs and manage your mobiles more effectively. That’s why, as well as giving to access to My Account online where you can view your invoice & manage your payments, we also give you the option of using Bill Analyser.


Effortless insight into your business mobile use


 Bill Analyser is a secure online analysis tool that offers a clear overview of your  business mobile account. It provides everything from  top-level summaries right through to individual usage records, so you can:


  •  See monthly activity at a glance, based on your last bill
  •  Make better business decisions based on greater insight and accurate data
  •  Monitor costs with complete tracking
  • Record usage costs by department, cost centre or project team


Why use Bill Analyser?

  •  Record and monitor costs –
  • throughout your  company
  •  Identify personal use – highlight usage in and out of office hours to help manage business costs
  •  Use exception reporting to manage costs – see the most expensive usage
  •  Fully customise your view – create a company structure, tailor reports and assign names to destination numbers
  •  View online and download a PDF copy of your summary invoice (you’ll still receive a VAT summarised paper version)


 Bill Analyser covers calls,  texts and data, and allows you to click  through your  billing  data to reveal the information you need, right down to individual spending.


Separate out personal use

You can set up Bill Analyser to give everyone in your  company their own log-in,  with two levels of access available.

Administrators can access all of your company’s billing  data, while Handset Users can view and analyse their own usage.

They can also  use the Splitbill function to tag which calls,  texts and other items were for their own personal use and then submit the result to an Administrator.


The next steps

Call us on 01162200200 or email [email protected]




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