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EE Content Lock S83392
Content Lock on EE small business helps to keep customers and their children safe online by blocking 18-rated sites.   EE have three settings - Strict, Moderate and Off so customers can choose exactly what level of security they would like and all new accounts have Moderate applied as default.
The ‘Strict’ option is the safe setting for the whole family. This setting filters the same 18-rated content in accordance with BBFC Guidelines, but also content that the BBFC would rate higher than 'PG' and other content that is not suitable for younger children including unmoderated social networking sites, chat and dating sites.
With the 'Moderate' setting customers have access to social networking sites but not 18-rated content in accordance with the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) guidelines.
With the 'Off' setting customers have access to the full internet including 18-rated content.
Customers can change their Content Lock themselves via the following channels:
•             Text 'Strict' or 'Moderate' to 879
•             On the My EE homepage or in the EE app, Pay Monthly users can click on Manage your phone in the Your Phone area. Then use the button in the Content Lock area to switch off the service.
•             Call 1818 option 2 from their EE phone to remove or apply content lock. If using a credit card to age verify a £2 charge will be applied and then re-credited immediately to that card.

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