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Huawei Update re Google

Huawei Update re Google

Posted by Chen on 21st May 2019

Huawei Update following the news that Google will be restricting their operating systems moving forwards.

Following the news that Google is restricting the use of its operating system on Huawei handsets, Huawei has confirmed that they will continue to support security updates and after-sales support to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering all those products that have been sold and that are in stock globally. As and when Huawei issues further communications to their customers we will keep you up to date.

To support with customer queries, Huawei has provided an FAQ for customers of their products who have specific questions.

Will people be able to continue using Google services like Google Play and Gmail on their Huawei phones?
The products we have sold and currently sell will not be affected. You will be able to continue using these services as you normally would.

Will Huawei phones be able to receive Android updates?
We will continue providing updates for Huawei EMUI.

Will people still be able to update their Google apps?

Will people still be able to update non-Google apps?
Yes, non-Google apps will not be affected.

Can Huawei smartphones still receive Google security patches?

If people reset their Huawei phones to factory settings, will that have an impact on their ability to use Google services in the future?
No, this will not have an impact.